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This page is dedicated to the Pure Fun Baseball League B a league using Diamond Mind Baseball. We are currently in our 8th season, and have the following features : 30 teams, 162 game season, post-season playoffs, continual ownership, annual rookie draft, annual free agent bidding, waiver system, financial system, trading, minor league rosters, annual yearbook/record book, internet support and realistic, solid by-laws which are strictly enforced.

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Managers Stats (2020 July) Finances 1999 Expansion Draft 2002 Rookie Draft 2007 Rookie Draft 2012 Rookie Draft 2017 Rookie Draft
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Glory's Blake Snell No-Hits O's

2019 Debut Players (from baseball-reference web site)

2018 Limits

2014 Pre-Season Free Agent Draft Results

2013 Pre-Season Free Agent Draft Results

2011 Pre-Season Unemployment Draft Results
2011 Pre-Season Free Agent Draft Results

2010 Mid-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2010 Winter Trades

2010 Pre-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2010 Pre-Season Free Agent Results

2009 Summer Trades

2009 Mid-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2009 Pre-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2009 Winter Trades

2008 Summer Trades

2008 Mid-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2008 Pre-Season Unemployment Draft Results

2007-2008 Winter Trades

December Free Agent Draft Results

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For more information contact Mike Thomsen , PFBLB League Commissioner

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